BIM to Field

The BIM 3D models are available online and offline to site managers, specialist planners and entrepreneurs on their tablets and smartphones. Architectural and specialist models can be displayed on the construction site with augmented reality with your smartphone. The transparent overlay connects model and reality.

The entrepreneur thus uses the BIM 3D models as a template after which cables are laid, holes are drilled, sockets are installed and recesses are checked.

Pending items, tasks and defects can be linked directly to BIM elements and exported as BCFs to your CAD system, where you can continue working directly on the model at the pending item level.

This is how to manage pending issues in 2024.

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BIM to Field


Fieldwalk AR is a user-friendly mobile BIM2Field application for transferring BIM models to the construction site. Architectural and specialist models can be easily linked and used.


With Fieldwalk, all ventilation systems, walls, columns and electrical pipes can be displayed, so you can see how they were actually installed. In addition, the app makes it possible to check whether or not the actual construction corresponds to the planning.

Discover all other functions

Automatic room detection

Automatic detection of rooms by artificial intelligence when reading in construction plans.

Record pending tasks

Record pending tasks in seconds and link them to the 2D plan or the BIM 3D element.

Anchoring the 3D model

Fieldwalk stands out thanks to the easy anchoring of the 3D model on the construction site – without QR codes, room scans, WLAN or beacons.

Recordings of pending tasks in the 3D frame

Pending tasks can be linked directly to BIM elements.

Assign tasks

Assign pending tasks to the responsible contractor via a web link, even if they don’t have the Fieldwalk app.

Switch between architectural and technical plans

Architectural and technical plans are linked via insertion points. This makes it possible to quickly switch between plans.

Overview of all tasks

All pending items and tasks are displayed per floor on the overview plan.

The digitalized construction tour

Thanks to filters, construction tours can be planned by trades.

Meeting minutes (logs)

Meeting minutes (logs) can be recorded, individually designed and sent to all relevant people.

Construction journal

Construction journals can be easily created for each construction site.

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